no patches. no drugs. no problem.
System 4: the progressive system.

There are only two ways to stop smoking: gradually or immediately. 

System 4

Very few people ever achieve the latter but most of those who attempt to stop by cutting down also fail because any habit is very difficult to break. System 4 is a successful progressive method which is well-established and proven internationally.

The simple principle of System 4 is to slowly reduce the amount of tar and nicotine absorbed from each cigarette through a series of condensation filters. It succeeds because you don’t attack the habit itself until the dependence is beaten. Throughout the course you needn’t change any of your smoking habits such as your favourite brand. All that comes later. Best of all, the system is designed to help eliminate the usual side-effects such as irritability, nervousness and undue weight-gain.

System 4 is an ideal alternative for those who should not use nicotine gum or nicotine patches for one reason or another – especially pregnant mothers.

Although the initial cost of most NRT products is fairly low, they all have a recommended 12 week programme with an overall cost in the region of £200. Also we have found that many people have moved their addiction to Nicotine from cigarettes to gum or patches - System 4 is there to get rid of this addiction once and for all.


“It was unbelievable.
I felt no urge to smoke and no withdrawal symptoms!”
Dr. V.J. deBono M.D., D.P.H

“I found it a very
effective way of
giving up smoking.”
J. Goddard

“My asthma has been
better since I tried
System 4. Thanks!”
J.P. Rabin

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