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It was unbelievable. I felt no urge to smoke and no withdrawal symptoms. The reason why I am writing this letter to you is because after my own personal unexpected success with System 4 and having successfully prescribed it to scores of my patients. I am very pleased to see that it is available to the general public once again. I can honestly say that I have not found a product to rival it or supplant it. It is very simple in it's mode of action. It is completely acceptable to the patient and what is even more important it has no incompatibilities. It's success rate though not 100% is nevertheless quite high in my opinion. It certainly deserves being taken seriously".

Dr. V.J. deBono M.D., D.P.H.

"System 4 made me totally in control of the habit and now my usual consumption is two per day, yes TWO and I do not mind smoking around me but can and have NOT put on weight."
Janet M. Grundy (Miss)

"I am unfortunately an addicted smoker of many years and I purchased the System 4 method. The benefit healthwise I think is enormous. I clean the filter daily, and the amount of tar (or whatever) I clean out is very considerable. It has to be seen to be believed."
Mrs. Bendale

"I want to thank everyone concerned in the making of System 4. I am absolutely delighted with them. I have cut down drastically and couldn't touch a cigarette first thing of a morning. I hope very much by the end of the course to be a non-smoker. Even my awful Smokers Cough has gone. Thanks Again."
Mrs. J. Jones

"It was the best thing I ever got. No more bad coughs, also I have asthma. It has been better since I had System 4. Thank you."
J.P. Rabin

"I have just started my second part of the System 4 pack and I really must say Thank You. I really could not smoke a cigarette without the holder now. I really do believe they have helped me. After having tried various remedies I am delighted these have helped."
Mrs. H.M. Graham
Muckamore, County Antrim

"I think this is a wonderful idea and can speak from experience and I recommend same to everybody. Thanking You."
Manus Gallagher
County Donegal

"I have found your stop smoking course excellent and after two weeks I am about to change from No. 3 to No. 4. I have no hesitation in recommending your product to family and friends."
Grays, Essex

I have smoked cigarettes etc. since the age of around ten and have tried all sorts of ways of kicking the habit which didn't work because I craved for my drug Nicotine. System 4 seems to be the answer to my prayers. After virtually three weeks I am feeling a little better not so much coughing. So thank you for producing a product that will help me to give up smoking."
Nicholas Fetherstonhaugh

"I find the holder to be very good indeed. Having smoked 30 cigs a day for many years I now find the need to smoke is getting less. I think this method is very good indeed."
A. Askwell (Mrs.)

"Although only still at the beginning of the course I feel very confident I shall, in due course, be able to stop smoking. I also think the visible tar etc. which needs to be cleaned out at frequent intervals is a very good aid. I am so glad I saw your advertisement."
Grace Russ
Charlton, London

"Thank you for sending me the System 4 Stop Smoking Pack. I must say I found it a very effective way of giving up smoking."
J. Goddard


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