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Q. What is the System 4 method?
A. System 4 is a complete course for people who wish to give up the smoking habit. It comprises of four filters, each one of which should be used for at least two weeks. The first filter reduces nicotine and tar intake by 30%, the second by 60%, the third by 70% and the fourth by 80%. By week eight of the course effective cigarette consumption, in nicotine/tar equivalent terms, will have been cut by 80%. A reasonable amount of will power from this point will make it possible for the smoker to break the habit.

Q. How many filters are there in a pack of System 4?
A. There are four filters, the first filter reduces nicotine and tar intake by 30%, the second by 60%, the third by 70% and the fourth by 80%. Each filter should be used for a period of two weeks giving the body time to adjust to the gradual reduction of nicotine intake.

Q. Are there any replacement parts necessary?
A. The filters last indefinitely. There are no replacement parts required. To insure maximum efficiency the filter in current use should be cleaned out after every four or five cigarettes.

Q. Is it dangerous?
A. There are no drugs involved whatsoever with System 4. Unlike many other stop smoking products System 4 can be used by everybody irrespective of their current state of health. System 4 is completely safe with normal use.

Q. How can I be sure the filter method does what it says it can do?
A. System 4 has been tested under laboratory conditions by three recognised laboratories around the world. Test results are conclusive and can confirm that the product does reduce nicotine and tar by the stated amounts (see test report information).

Q. Can I stay longer than two weeks on each filter?
A. Yes, it is advised that you move to the next filter when you feel completely comfortable with the one you are on.

Q. What if I use System 4 but cannot actually stop smoking?
A. This will still be significant improvement over smoking without filters. Continued use of the number 4 filter - the product does not wear out and requires only regular cleaning to remain fully functional - will cut your intake of nicotine and tar by 80%. If you smoke 20 cigarettes a day, then through filter number 4 the equivalent consumption, without a filter, would be four cigarettes.

Q. Can I start half way through the course?
A. No, it is essential that the course is followed in order of filters to give your body time to adjust.


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